Freitag, 2. April 2010

so today i went to a friends house and she was having a guest,nothing special. we ate something and then went upstairs to her room.I noticed a Louis Vuitton bag, which ive never seen before,so i ask my friends guest from where he got this bag and then he was like " i did it myself"...iwas really suprise and aksed him again, he then told me that this originally was a zara bag but he put the material of a fake LV bag on it!( Ive took some pictures for u with my cellphone so the quality is kinda poor..sorry :( )
This friend of my friend ( i dont even know his name o.o) wants to be a fashion designer in the near future and although hes is only 17 years old he has done a lot of things already ,not only he is a make up artist and hair dresser he also creates his own clothes and makes them by himself..i think thats very impressive, because he told me that he is living in germany for like 5 years ( originally he is from vietnam) and is doing his own fashion for like 2-3 years already ,which means that he starts creating his own clothes when he was 14-15 years old....
He aims to get into a fashion college now and i wish him the best :)

Blazer,Bag,ShoulderPad,ShoulderDressPad : DIY


  1. Dein Blog ist einfach nur klasse. und du bist sehr hübsch.
    weiter so.
    kannst ja auch mal bei mir vorbei sschauen.

  2. LOVE your shirt! looks really beautiful! take care!

  3. Woww! I love the blazers!

    ¡★Besitos monosos fashionistas★!

  4. amazing DIY!!! he's brilliant with the LV bag idea.

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  5. vivuuu das shirt ist geiiil.
    abonniert ! :D

  6. great DIY-shirt you did there!

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    i'm following :D

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