Freitag, 28. Mai 2010


American Apparel Golden Dress: One of my PartyOutfit Highlights!!Eye Catcher No.1!!

Yepp...ask u may know iam in love with flowers this summer^^
Ive got this dress from a friend of mine ,but i think its from asos.

Its been a long time but Iam back and will post some new outfits of mine^^
Ive been busy recently and my life has turn very stressful and hectic...I think Ive done sth. bad or wrong in the past, so that god has to punish me now....
hopefully things are going to get better for me T.T


  1. I love the floral bodycon dress! You look great =)

  2. Love your dress and your blog! :)

  3. like the dressss! :)

    and i followed your blog, hope you can follow mine as well ?