Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

No more school!

I did my friends make up :D do u like it?

Yes! Its over! keke
finally after almost 13 years ive reached the end of high school...
I am feeling relieved and a little bit sad.

Its really really very very hot hot hot outside and i dont even want to wear any make up because
youre only sweatin and thats nasty o.o


  1. haaha

    the end of school is the begin
    of a new school xD

  2. love your outfit! this dress is just perfect for you.

  3. Two beautys ;)
    Your dress ist amazing !
    Where did you buy it ?

  4. Amazing outfit you look great !!

    &&I am back from a big break.. A lot off things have changed on my blog! so take a look ^^ and I hope you 'll give your comment ^^

    Lots of love, Lisette

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  6. tolle pics!:-) ich verfolge dich ab jetzt!:-) wenn du mich auch followen möchtest!:-)

  7. I wish I had no school anymore haha!

    You look so cute just as you current blogname, so I say keep it!

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    Thaanx :))

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